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    the glassbox

    welcome, welkom, velkommen, irasshai, greuzi, bienvenido.


    Our 90 gallon rimless aquarium is made from 1/2″ (13mm) starphire glass, with 1″ (25mm) regular clarity glass for the bottom pane.  It measures in at 24″ x 36″ x 24″ (60 x 90 x 60 cm) with a sump of 15g capacity.



    Flow is provided by a pair of modified Tunze Nanostream 6025’s, Vortech MP20 and an Eheim 1250 return. With head loss the return pump moves ~200gph (760lph). This makes for a very quiet drain and allows for 90% of the water to be directed into our DAS EX-2 protein skimmer. We incorporate a minimal amount of Live Rock, no more than 15 lbs (~0.45kg).

    We dose our mixture of carbon sources and BioDigest, which has become known as The Glassbox VSV Method on the boards (Vodka, Sugar, Vinegar). This keeps nutrients low and allows for heavier feedings. We also run ROX carbon passively in the sump, which is kneaded on a regular basis to release bacterial “mulm” and remove deposits on the surface of the carbon.


    Lighting is provided by 2 x 150watt Japanese Metal Halide spot lights and miscellaneous supplemental spots.


     The tank houses primarily SPS corals, with a rainbow Ricordea and some Tub’s zoanthids being the only exceptions. 

    Coral species include:  A. nana, A. nobilis, A. tortuosa, A. formosa, A. horrida, S. hystrix, M. capricornis

    Fishwise we gravitate towards Butterflyfish.  We currently house: C. declivis, Roaops Hybrid (C. burgessi x C. flavocoronatus), and a mated pair of A. percula. 



    Weekly 10 gallon (40 liters) water changes are performed with Seachem Reef salt. We chose this salt for it’s near NSW parameters and have had good luck so far.  

    Fish are fed 6+times a day to keep coral nipping to a minimum. Food consists of a mixture of Hikari Mysis, Brine, Marine-S, and Cyclopeeze, and the occasional Nori. 

    Carbon source+additional supplements are dosed daily. All glass, including bottom pane and overflow is cleaned via brush and razor blade weekly.