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    KZ’s New ZeoStart 3 and Bio Mate Supplements

    A mock up of KZ’s new ZeoStart 3 Korallen Zucht, makers of the popular bacterioplankton ZEOvit system have two new reef related products coming out. ZEOStart3 will be making its way into the Basic 4 line up, as an update to the previous ZeoStart2 organic carbon source. ZeoStart  is added to fuel bacterial growth within […]

    Yoon Yeo Kwang (SoolSool) Gets ZEO Top Honors

    We previously showed you Yoon Yeo Kwang’s beautiful 100g aquarium, and now ZEOvit.com is putting it in the spotlight again with its Dream Tank of the Quarter Award. With its attractive aquascape, coralscape and coloration, Yoon’s aquarium is a deserving winner. A brief equipment and additive profile is included below, but be sure to check […]

    SoolSool’s Striking SPS Reef

    Vince (SPSholic) recently gave a pictorial update on the aquarium of his fellow Korean reefing friend SoolSool. This aquarium is packed full of vibrant stony corals that are kept in bright pastel color state thanks to ZEOvit and aggressive skiming via ATB. While the corals may be too light in color for my tastes, it […]

    Andrzej Niewiarowski Takes Zeovit’s First 2010 Dream Tank of the Quarter

    Got colored sticks? Andrzej Niewiarowski does. His striking  SPS dominated reef display took top honors with ZEOvit.com’s Dream Tank of the Quarter. The pastel colors may not be to everyones tasted, but there is no denying that Andrezej has some serious reefing talent. If it were not for the vibrant colors, the tank would be […]

    Alberto Assad Gets ZEOvit Top Honors

    Check out ZEOvit.com’s new Dream Tank of the Quarter (DTOTQ), featuring Alberto Assad’s 220g ZEOvit reef tank. This reef resides in Mexico and is the first reef to be presented as DTOTQ from that country. Bien hecho! Warning : the deep blue / purple coloration brings back memories of the Radium 20K + VHO actinic […]

    “Fake” ZEOvit Products Hit Asia

    Authentic ZEOvit supplements, compliments of distributor Proline Aquatics. Heavily discounted ZEOvit products began popping up in Hong Kong roughly one year ago with reports of them being fake. Now some are saying these knock offs are spreading to Taiwan and different parts of China. We cannot confirm that these truly are fake ZEOvit supplements, after […]