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    Vortech Wireless Control Coming to Profilux in September

    Profilux users have been one of the most vocal supporters of 3rd Party Control of their beloved Vortech Pumps. Now they can sleep well–this September GHL’s Vortech Controller for the Profilux 3 will become available. The new Profilux Vortech interface will allow wireless control of up to 11 Vortech Pumps. This functionality will only be […]

    Hands On Photos: New EcoSmart Vortech MP10 W

    Our friends at the PA based EcoTech Marine, kindly sent us a couple of their new EcoSmart powered Vortechs for review. The new wireless EcoSmart controller offers much more functionality over the previous wave driver. We’ve only briefly hooked them up, but expect a review in the near future–and a giveaway even sooner. For now […]

    Vortech MP10 Shipping Out Tomorrow!

    We just go word from EcoTech Marine that the first batch of VorTech MP10 pumps are shipping out from EcoTech tomorrow, with a follow up shipment going out to retailers on Monday. The shipments are limited in numbers at this time, but the good news is they are ready and will be hitting select retailers […]

    The 1st Vortech MP10 Winner is…

      The first winner of our Vortech MP10 giveaway is Bruce (Shadowramy). Congrats Bruce! Don’t worry if you didn’t win this time, we have two more MP10 pumps to giveaway along with plenty of other great products to help you and your reef. The next two winners will be drawn on 4/20 and 4/27. For more […]

    EcoTech Marine Releasing New Products…No More Algae on your Glass?

    EcoTech Marine’s Vortech line of pumps may just be the first of many exciting releases from the PA based company. Although they are forced to non-disclosure agreements, new products are on their way this year. According to reports, one of these releases will a modified Vortech pump that will be marketed to the Spa industry […]