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    Vortech MP60 Gets 2,000 GPH Boost

    The Vortech MP60 was originally thought to push 5,500 gph at full power. Scratch that. EcoTech has since updated the MP60 allowing a max flow of 7,500 gph. The EcoTech crew broke this powerful news yesterday in their monthly newsletter: When we announced the MP60, we achieved flow rates of 5,500gph. As a result of […]

    Up Close with the Vortech MP60

    The Vortech MP60 was undoubtedly one of the most exciting new products at MACNA 2010. This super-sized pump is aimed at the large tank market, but after seeing, hearing and touching this pump in action I think many MP40 owners, such as myself, will at least try and upgrade. Yes, with a cost of $695 […]

    The New Vortech MP60 W Is Here!

    Today EcoTech Marine will announce their new Vortech MP60 propeller pump. The MP60 is a complete overhaul of past designs and EcoTech is not scared to express their thoughts. “It’s our best pump yet” said President Tim Marks, “We’re proud of the technology behind the Vortech MP60”. What you need to know about the Vortech […]