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    Show Us Your Cords, Win a New Vortech MP10w ES

    Who likes electrical cords in their tank? No one. That’s why we’re giving away a Vortech MP10w ES. Yup, that’s the new wireless MP10 model featuring the EcoSmart driver. As with all Vortechs, the motor of the MP10 is kept outside the aquarium, meaning there are no cords to go up and over the sides […]

    GBD Giveaway | Win a New EcoSmart Vortech MP10w ES

    Win a new Vortech MP10 W ES, featuring the just released EcoSmart wireless driver. Just leave a comment and you’re entered.

    Wavemaking with the Vortech MP10

    We’ve been abusing the Vortech MP10 for the past 6 months and have been impressed by the power generated by its small package. EcoTech conservatively states this pump pushes 1,500 gph. Dana Riddle wrote an insightful article featured in Advanced Aquarist, that revealed the MP10 hits over 1,800 gph at just 20w of electric consumption. […]

    New Development Kit for Vortech-to-Controller Connectivity

    As long as I can remember Vortech owners have issued reef-addict pleas to EcoTech, begging ¬†for an interface that would allow the Vortech line of pumps to connect with their own controller–such as the Apex, Reef Keeper Elite or Profilux III. Combinging their business and engineering intelligence, EcoTech has listened to these suggestions and responded […]

    EcoTech Marine Video Contest

    EcoTech Marine has kicked off their first video contest and is giving away some of their high flow, pico sized Vortech MP10 Pumps. Take a video of your Vortech powered reef and submit it via the form linked below. Winners will be highlighted in the media gallery of EcoTechMarine.com. So get out the camera, let […]

    Size Does Matter: Vortech MP40w v Competition

    Does size matter? Or is is the motion of the ocean? Advanced aquarists demand both, minimal intrusion inside the aquarium and high flow performance. EcoTech Marine has no qualms in either category, thanks to their impressive line of Vortech aquarium pumps that satisfy these footprint and flow demands. Building upon their Size Does Matter campaign, […]