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    Vitrea Gets U.S. Distributors, More Italian Aquariums & Lighting Coming

    The small Italian based aquarium manufacturer Vitrea will soon be represented in the United States by Vitrea USA, based out of La Jolla, California. The Italian parent company is extremely small in size and we don’t expect the USA partner to make nearly the impact as say Elos or even Giesemann, but it’s hard to […]

    Vitrea’s Beautiful LED Light Gets Knocked Off with Zetlight

    We suppose it was only a matter of time for Vitrea Orbital LED fixture to fall victim to copies, but this time it’s from an unknown source–Hong Kong based Zetlight.   Shown above we have the original, Italian designed fixture. Below we have the Zetlight, a newcomer to the LED market. Zetlight is a new manufacturer […]

    Vitrea Orbital Rimless Tanks and Stands

    To match the styling of Vitrea’s Orbital Glass LED light, they’ve created a matching line of rimless aquariums made with high clarity glass and precision silicone work. We showed you a small rimless from Vitrea that displayed at ZOOMARK. They are calling this the Orbital Cube Unico 56. In centimeters it measures 56L x 45W […]

    Vitrea Orbital LED Collection

    Vitrea has unveiled more details and photos of their LED aquarium light. It may be the most unique and attractive aquarium specific light to date. The biggest shocker? The name! Vitrea is calling this their Orbital LED 2009 collection. You may remember Orbital Technologies, also known as ‘Orbitec‘, is the Wisconsin based company that holds […]

    Beautiful Vitrea LED Lighting at ZOOMARK 2009

    At last year’s InterZoo the Italian aquarium company Vitrea released a stunning LED light utilizing a metal bracket system with LEDs and heatsinks incorporated into a glass bridge. That design has been catapulted forward for use on marine aquariums and was shown last weekend at ZOOMARK in Bologna. Take a look at the sleek metal light […]

    Vitrea | Can lighting be sexy?

    Before proceeding, set aside all previous thoughts of aquarium lighting; No more spaceships or alien abduction machines.  Vitrea has created what I would argue is the sexiest aquarium light yet. Of course it is meant for the freshies, they always seem to be a step ahead of the marine side of the hobby when it […]