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    Update on Anagonbe’s Reef in HD

    Anagonbe’s coralscaped reef is one of the most unique tanks out there–love it or hate it, the mix of vibrant tabling and staghorn Acropora keep your eyes fixated on the screen. Here’s an update of his beautiful reef–notice the large shoal of small Green Chromis (Chromis viridis) that he has recently added.

    Spotted Boxfish at x2,000 Magnification

    Ever wondered what actually makes up the scales and plates of the fish we love? Weird Weird Science answers this question for the Spotted Boxfish (Ostracion meleagris), thanks to a high powered microscope that is capable of 2,000 times magnification. Check it out.

    Stunning Japanese FOWLR with Aberrant Venustus on Video

    Here’s a great great video showing off the fish only with live rock aquarium of Tarafuku, a Japanese aquarist. The tank is well stocked, but the open aquascape and cleanliness does not give the impression of sardine stocking levels. If anything it’s evidence showing of the life and vitality that shoals of Anthias can add […]

    BBC Fiji Coral Gardening Video

    Dedicated coral gardeners are doing their part to restore the declining reefs in Fiji. Watch as these men and women propagate corals and then re-seed the wild reefs in an effort to restore them to their former glory. (Note the vibrant colors and rapid growth!) This is a pilot project currently underway, that is being highlighted […]

    Rhizotrochus typus on HD Video

    Coral Science has uploaded a slew of HD videos to YouTube showing the development of an impressive ornamental marine video collection. Each video focuses on the species, be sure to click the HD  button to reveal the full detail of them. Check out the Rhizotrochus typus, also known as by the short name Rhizo,  video […]

    14 Foot Long, 800g SPS Reef in HD

    Enjoy this HD video by Greg Rothschild showing off the stunning 14 foot long, 800 gallon,  SPS reef display at Vivid Aquarium.