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    Amazing Reefs on Instagram: 2016 Edition

    I may not write as much these days, but I’m still involved in the hobby and generally keeping tabs on the industry. Recently Instagram has been my reef-voyeur medium of choice. Thankfully there are some incredible aquariums that get shared on the social media platform. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular […]

    JNS Puts A New Spin On BioPellet Reactors with Alpha Line

    JNS Alpha 2 BioPellet Reactor in action JNS has literally put a new spin on the BioPellet reactor. As every manufacturer does their best to standout from the crowd, JNS has opted to swirl water in a circular motion within the reactor to create a vortex like flow pattern. The result is a tornado of […]

    Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Captured On Film

    This Genicanthus personatus is one of the smallest ever collected and will go down as one the most impressive Angelfish for many years to come. As we reported earlier, this fish was collected by Rufus Kimura at extreme depths in the waters of Hawaii. It was offered for sale in the United States, but as […]

    Polyp Nipping and SPS, It’s Only Natural

    I frequently get asked, Do your Butterflyfish pick at your corals? The answer is always the same–Yes, all the time, but I primarily keep SPS corals. Angelfish, Butterflyfish, even Tangs may take a nip at your beloved Acropora collection, but at the end of the day the net effect on SPS is minimal. Polyp extension […]

    HD Camera Captures Pieter 6m’s Stunning Curved Glass Reef

    Pieter van Suijlekom is better known in the reefing world as Pieter Six Meter for his stunning 1,500 gallon, 6 meter curved glass display tank. This aquarium was constructed using 2 sheets of 12mm glass that were bent in a large oven separately and then bonded using a special resin. This labor intensive process is […]

    Pieter van Suijlekom’s Non-Photosynthetic Creation in HD Video

    Back in December of ’08 we shared with you photos of Pieter van Suijlekom’s then-new non-photosynthetic reef. This 500L (132g) deepwater themed aquarium has since matured with a variety of notoriously difficult azooxanthellate species such as Scleronephthya sp. and Dendronephthya sp.. Just as impressive as the corals themselves is the visible food densities in the […]