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    Vertex Libra Dosing Pump Coming in Novemeber

    Vertex will be releasing their anticipated Libra Dosing Pump system this November. The Libra Dosers will come in three available models, the standard “Libra”, Libra Classic, and Libra Pro. Each models features can be outlined in the chart below. The Vertex Doser will use stepper motors that connect to a 4 roller head. These heads […]

    Vertex Illumina LED: First Look at the Light Studio Computer App

    The Vertex Illumina LED light is the newest lighting offering from Vertex Aquaristik. We’ve shown you some rather mediocre photos of this unit over the past few months. Now we’ve got some real images to work with that better show the fan cooled design. Vertex has taken an interesting approach with their Illumina LED fixture, […]

    First Look at the New Vertex LumiLux

    We know this light will be called the Vertex LumiLux. That’s about it at. Vertex Operations Manager, Mr. Dorweiler recently shared these photos with a teaser on the name. Anything else is just a guess. Update: We spoke with Vertex and this model was an early prototype which was shown at InterZoo. The final design […]

    First User Video of the Vertex Illumina SR 1200 LED Light

    The new Vertex LED light has changed its name from the Lumina to the Illumina, but the internals and design have stayed the same. Check out this new video from Glassboxer TheDogFather, of the light in action–simulating a variety of control options. This is one of the first production units to hit consumers hands, however, […]

    Vertex Lumina LED Review Surfaces, Ignites Optics Debate

    Yesterday evening, we received a link from long time reader The Dog Father, which directed us towards a new review of the Vertex Lumina LED light. You can find the document which cites its authors as ┬áJ. Behzad and A. Schneider here [PDF]. Note that the file is hosted by Vertex–the hosting of the file […]

    Vertex Mocean Giveaway Winner is….

    Congrats to Stephen Kemblowski! Stephen has one a brand new Vertex Mocean 2000 wavemaker compliments of GBD and Vertex Aquaristik. Didn’t win this time? Keep an eye out for more giveaways in the very near future.