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    Ushio 4w MR16 LED Spotlight

    One light many people didn’t see at MACNA was Ushio’s new Synergy MR16 LED spotlight. These tiny lamps pack 3 Seoul Semi Conductor LEDs into a tiny MR16 package that consumes just 4w. The Ushio Synergy MR16 LED light is aimed at the retail and architectual lighting industries, but the lighting gurus / Ushio reps […]

    MACNA XXI : Ushio 14k G12 Metal Halide

    Here at MACNA, Ushio has revealed their latest metal halide development–a 150w 14k G12 lamp. For those unfamiliar with the term, G12 refers to the base of the lamp. In this case it is a two pronged lamp and is much small in size than the standard DE 150w MH that most aquarists know. This […]

    New Vertex Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts

    Vertex Aquaritstik‘s apparent quest to dominate the reef equipment industry is gaining momentum with the success of their new Electronic Metal Halide Ballasts. Available in 175w, 250w and 400w sizes, these ballasts feature lower electric consumption, cooler operating temperatures, and are claimed to have the highest power factor on the market. For plug and play […]

    New Lighting Project – Ushio 14K & 20K Halides

    We’ve slowly been working on a new lighting project that will be based off a 250w DE metal halide lamp as the core light. I have used various metal halides before, but I have primarily used single ended screw based lamps for the improved bulb selection–my favorites being the 6.5K Iwasaki, 20K Radium and 20K […]