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    USFWS Seizes 326 Seahorses For Improper Paperwork

    Australian news outlets are reporting that a man’s shipment of live Seahorses which originated from Australia and destined for a Florida wholesaler have been confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife Service, after an Australian customs agent failed to include the number of seahorses being shipped. In total, 326 seahorses worth an estimated $3,600 USD are […]

    The Clipperton Angelfish, Coming to a Public Aquarium Near You?

    The Clipperton Angelfish (Holacanthus limbaughi) is a true rarity in our hobby. This blue beauty is endemic to the Clipperton Atoll, a French territory roughly 5,000km east of Hawaii, 1,000km south of The Revillagigedos (where it’s cousin the Clarion Angelfish is found) and 2,500km northwest of the Galapagos Islands. The Clipperton Angelfish is only found […]