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    Sprung’s KW Reactor is Simple & Efficient

    Two Little Fishies’ KW Reactor is a simple kalkwasser reactor that allows aquariums to be topped off with saturated Kalkwasser (Calcium hydroxide) without the need for multiple pumps or stirrers. A single feed pump provides fresh water to the reactor, and stirs the Kalkwasser to ensure ample saturation. Typically putting this much back pressure on […]

    TLF’s New VeggieMag is a Must Have

    We spoke with Julian Sprung at MACNA & the H.H. Backer Tradeshow about his new patent pending VeggieMag design for Two Little Fishies. At the time, Julian only had handmade prototypes which we showed you in the coverage of those events. Since then he has kindly sent us the production model to see for ourselves […]

    GBD Sits Down with Reefing Pioneer Julian Sprung

    Over the past 20 years, Julian Sprung has been and still is one of the most influential figures in marine aquaria. From his original and inspiring 15g SPS nano reef , to his three part The Reef Aquarium series he wrote with Charles Delbeek, Julian is truly a pioneer in both the hobby and industry. […]

    MACNA XXI : Julian Sprung and Two Little Fishies

    Julian Sprung attended MACNA in full force, giving a thought provoking talk on hybridization while also representing his company Two Little Fishies. TLF brought in their popular products such as ReVive Coral Dip and Phosban, but they also had some new unassuming products to show. One of which is this new magnetic algae clip. The version […]

    TLF Rolls Out Funny & Suggestive Ad

    Bringing sexual innuendoes to a new level, Two Little Fishies has created this ad for their new Ph-Balance™ Supplement. Thankfully we don’t have any Ph suppression issues, but I hear those Calcium Reactor users….Click the Ad to enlarge! Two thumbs up to Julian and TLF crew for one humorous ad! Via JJ @ MD