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    New Tunze 6095 Coming Soon

    The Tunze 6095 Nanostream shares many stats [including dimensions] with the 6055, but has received a 4,500 l/h bump in performance. The 6095 Nanostream is capable of moving 10,000 l/h (2,640 gph) at just 20w of electrical consumption. The new design, coupled with last year’s improved vibration / noise dampening C-clamps, will surely be a popular item… just expect some wait time. Recent talks puts the 6095 on a fall release and a sub $300 price tag.

    Tunze Outlet Filter is a Novel Drain Solution for DIY Sumps

    Sumps are a simple concept–they hold water and equipment. Having a quiet sump is another animal, but a feat often solved using filter socks. Filter socks serve to reduce splashing, mechanically filter your water and reduce associated drain noise. They’re extremely popular, but unless you make a custom filter sock holder, most pre-fab’d solutions limit […]

    Tunze Silence Electronic Gets Intelligent, Adds Flow Control

    The Tunze silence pump is not new per se, but the one shown above is–this is Tunze’s newest low voltage twist, offering flow control over the already quiet Silence pump range. Tunze is referring to their Silence Electronic 1073.05 pump as “intelligent” due to the micro-processor controlled motor which automatically adapts its speed to the […]

    Tunze Aquawind v Spire Pacific Breeze Fan

    A few months back we shared that the Tunze Aquawind fan is infact the same as the Spire Pacific Breeze (SP300-NEB) PC fan. This is no surprise given the USB power input to the Aquawind! Tunze (“toon-zah”) has openly admitted that the fan structure itself is the same and they don’t try to hide the Aquawind’s […]

    Spire Pacific Breeze or Tunze Aquawind?

    Travis, a reader of GBD brought the Spire Pacific Breeze PC Fan to our attention via the comments, and after looking into it sure does look awfully similar to the Tunze Aquawind. We always found it peculiar that the Aquawind came with blue LEDs and a USB port, but now it’s beginning to make a bit more […]

    Tunze Silence, quietest pump ever? Sicce & Oceanlife on the mark with Syncra too

    We covered this new Tunze Silence pump back from Interzoo, but now it is finally available at Tunze (Pronounced “Toon-zah”) dealers. Interestingly as Tunze was revealing this pump at the show, so was Sicce under the name Syncra Silent. They look identical and most of the parts, namely the motor are likely to be the […]