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    Eric Yao’s HK Reef Gets TOTM Honors

    This month’s TOTM by ReefCentral has deservingly been awarded to Eric Yao’s vivid SPS reef. This Hong Kong based aquarium is the result of careful animal selection and a well balanced coralscape. Eric’s 175g reef utilizes powerful skimming via a Bubble King 250 Internal and enhanced nutrient export via ZeoVit. Specifically, Eric doses ZeoStart, ZeoBac, […]

    Andrzej Niewiarowski Takes Zeovit’s First 2010 Dream Tank of the Quarter

    Got colored sticks? Andrzej Niewiarowski does. His striking  SPS dominated reef display took top honors with ZEOvit.com’s Dream Tank of the Quarter. The pastel colors may not be to everyones tasted, but there is no denying that Andrezej has some serious reefing talent. If it were not for the vibrant colors, the tank would be […]

    Welles’ Stunning 250g Beijing Reef Captured on Film

    Large mature corals. Elegant and natural aquascaping. Stunning colors. There’s really not much else to say about Hu Haiwei’s reef which is one of the best in the world. Hu, better known as Welles,  uses 3 x 400w XM 10K metal halides to pop reds and yellows, while also packing enough PAR and blue wavelengths […]

    Chingchai’s Huge SPS Build on Video

    Chingchai already has two of the best reef aquariums known to the world. We showed you his rarely seen soft coral reef display earlier this year, thanks to Mike Cliffords trip to Thailand–where Ching and his beautiful aquariums reside. Ching’s latest build spares no expense and is the culmination of expertise and lots of planning. […]