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    Different Shades of Chingchai

    Written by Mike Clifford Ching’s infamous SPS Reef Many of you are familiar with Chingchai’s spectacular SPS-dominated aquarium which was honored as Reef Central’s TOTM in May 2008, and as Siam Reef Club’s TOTM in January 2007.   However, few know that Ching also maintains a large soft coral aquarium and an LPS nano in his […]

    Mariusz’ NPS Sun Coral Reef shows 20Ks are NOT a must

    Azoox tanks are popping up more and more, but very few can match the beauty or Mariusz’ 550L (145g) reef. This aquarium utilizes six 80w Korallen Zucht T5 tubes, 4 Marine Light and 2 Fiji Purple. The end result is a warmer light that highlights the orange, red and pink tones of his non-photosynthetic animals […]