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    New TMC AquaBeam 1500XG Packs 10 Cree XP-Gs

    American reefers may have just begun seeing the TMC Aquabeam 1000HD, but UK based Tropical Marine Centre has just shown their latest addition to their Aquabeam line–the 1500XG–at this years InterZoo. As we reported back in February, TMC began experimenting with Cree’s latest LED and the Aquabeam 1500XG Ultima is the result. The Aquabeam 1500XG […]

    TMC AquaBeam 1000 HD PAR Analysis and Review

    TMC’s most recent addition to their AquaRay line of LED aquarium lights is the AquaBeam 1000 HD. Utilizing Cree XR-E LEDs, custom optics and increased LED density, the 1000HD was designed to fill in any light intensity gaps from the smaller AquaRay 500 LED strips. If you think of the AquaRay 500 strips as flourescent […]

    Hands On with TMC’s Aquabeam 500 and 1000HD LED Light Modules

    Late yesterday we received a large package and too much surprise it was TMC’s AquaRay line of aquarium LED lighting. These have been available in the UK for sometime now, but this is the first shipment of TMC LEDs to the US of A, through LAX wholesaler Quality Marine. TMC kindly sent us two AquaBeam […]