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    Last Day of the Glassbox on Film

    The glassbox, my personal aquarium prior to tear down. Just before tearing down my 90g rimless aquarium, or what I refer to as my glassbox, I sought the help of some friends to take make a brief video. A few corals and one piece of live rock were sold before filming, but overall this is […]

    Glassbox Throws A Changeup for 2011

    When I first started Glassbox Design there was nothing like it. A few websites were writing about common domestic products, but no one was writing about the gadgets, livestock and beautiful aquariums that I liked–so I decided to do something about it. Fast forward two and a half years and I am amazed at the […]

    Glassbox Lighting: LEDs, LEDs and some JP Metal Halide for Good Measure

    Yesterday, those of you that are following us on Facebook, got a top down glimpse of the glassbox. (If you’re on FB, you can find us here). Included in the image were plenty of LED reflections coming from the light rack up above which spurred questions on what lighting is currently being used. Some you […]

    Mixing Butterflyfish is Never Easy, Glassbox Banks on New Fish

    People are often attracted to butterflyfish when they see them swimming in ┬ápairs. There is something natural about seeing two of them side by side; the sum is certainly greater than the parts. On paper one would think keeping pairs or groups of butterflies would be easy. Some species are even “monogamous”, but like humans, […]

    Glassbox Update | Building a Pinnacle Rock Structure

    I know–an update on the glassbox has been overdue. The tank has admittedly not gotten much attention until recently. Over the past few weeks I’ve engaged in a glassbox ‘audit’. If a rock or coral did not ‘add positively’ to the tank it was either rearranged or removed. It was a difficult process, but this […]

    The Anthias Jumps… Err Where Did It Go?

    Last weekend the bizarre happened in my home. I am not sure the odds, but surely greater than one in a million. I am a bit embarrassed to even share this…! ____________________________________________ After two weeks of cupramine treatment followed by formalin dips the Lyretail Anthias were ready to go into the glassbox. Being so small […]