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    Planctonite’s Skimmer Fan & Tetra’s Patent

    Planctonite’s new BOT skimmer is pretty interesting. Think Berlin Triple Pass meets Seaclone, but a hell of a lot better. The skimmer uses a fan blade, dubbed the Dynamo, that is powered by the output of your normal Pinwheel fitted skimmer pump. This creates a cyclone effect within the reaction chamber. It’s a novel idea. […]

    Parent Company of Tetra and Marineland Files for Bankruptcy

    More bad news that effects the industry. Spectrum Brands, the consumer product company that makes Tetra, Marineland and even Rayovac batteries filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Tuesday as it was unable to make the $25 million interest payment on its debt.¬† This volunteer Chapter 11 filing ¬†comes as no surprise. Spectrum ended last year […]