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    Taxonomic Mixup Leaves the Flapper Skate on Edge of Extinction

    While the jury is still out regarding the “necessity” of taxonomy in our microcosm of this hobby, it obviously plays a role in the academic field of science. However, recently it reared its head into the world of conservation, and sadly, not for the better. creative commons : eol Ichthyologists frequently use a method known […]

    Do you Confer? What Cf. Means and How It’s Used

    We’d like to welcome Jeremy Maneyapanda to the GBD team with his first article on aquaria related nomenclature. For some background on Mr. Maneyapanda, he has BS in Biological Sciences in Ecology, Evolution and Systematics from Cornell University. This background and his love of marine life found him deeply enveloped in the marine hobby in […]

    ORA Blue Iris Parent Colony, Species is Determined to be…

    Oceans Reefs & Aquarium recently shared this photo an ORA Blue Iris colony to show the corals growth pattern and physical characteristics. Perhaps meant to qualm fears over the corals color similarity to other ORAs? It now seems to have added further speculation to the scientific name of this coral. Truthfully the labeling of most […]

    Pronouncing Scientific Names, More Difficult Than You Think

    Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy was born on this day, 302 years ago.  In light of his birthday, I thought I would address some issues aquarists face regarding scientific names–they can be more difficult than you think. In reality the scientific names used in modern taxonomy are not latin. Yes some come from latin […]