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    New ATI Purple Plus T5 Lamp

    Say hello to the new ATI Purple Plus T5 lamp. ATI’s answer to the popular KZ Fiji Purple provides a blue spectrum that mirrors ATI’s Blue Plus lamp, but also provides some nice warm spikes in the 600 – 700 range. What’s interesting is ATI’s revamped website no longer lists their ATI Pro Color. The […]

    MACNA XXI : New LET Lighting Modular T5 System

    Leading Edge Technology Lighting has unveiled a new Modular T5 lighting system for marine and reef aquariums at MACNA XXI. LET states their new modular design offers the highest output of any T5 lighting fixtures currently available. Taking a different spin on the T5 lighting market, LET has created a two bulb modular system that […]

    Reflekta T5s are Simple and Sleek

    We’ve long called for a simple metal box type T5 fixture. First Korallen Zucht answered the call with their LED flickering units, however they lacked active cooling–a must for high performance and bulb longevity. Reflekta, a lighting company based out of Slovenia, has come up with the answer fitting in 5 fans with their PM3 […]

    Krzysztof Tryc’s Vivid ZEOvit Reef in HD

    Krzysztof Tryc’s reef was previously featured as a ZEOvit Dream Tank of the Quarter, and rightfully so. Krzysztof has the ┬áPolonia reefing touch as we’ve seen from some stunning reefs coming out of Poland that have the shared trait of utilizing ULNS and T5s. For an article I wrote for the Japanese magazine Marine Aquarist […]

    Easy Life Paradiso Pendant gets it right with T5 and LED

    The Dutch company Easy Life has come out with new attractive T5+LED Hybrid pendants aptly named the Paradiso line. Based on the initial literature it appears these are aimed at the freshwater planted crowd, but with the right mix of tubes there is no reason these could not successfully light a reef aquarium… The sloped […]