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    Urban Aquaculture, A Local Answer to Sustainable Seafood?

    The latest trend for the environmental sustainability has been to bring food sources closer to densely populated areas, e.g. cities. I am academically trained in finance and economics, as such I am a big proponent of specialization leading to simple economies of scale. For urban food programs like this to be successful they must make […]

    Fish Channel’s Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative

    FishChannel.com has put together the Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative to help promote sustainability in the aquarium hobby. Although the wording suggests this initiative is aimed at the FW crowd, there is no denying the saltwater hobby can benefit as well.  The Responsible Fishkeeping Initiative (RFI), sponsored by the companies indicated at the bottom of this page, […]

    REEFSCAPERS Inspires Hope with Coral Propagation Projects

    These photos put a big smile on my face today. Coral propagation is arguably the ultimate restitutive justice that we can provide the ocean’s coral reefs. REEFSCAPERS has been extremely successful in their projects that utilize coral trays, zip ties and fragmented Acropora spp. Read the full story here at Sea Way Blog and REEFSCAPERS. […]

    Underwater Sculptures Help Rebuild Reefs

    Artist, Jason de Caires Taylor has created the world’s first underwater sculpture park. His sculptures shown below blend the lines of modern and ancient art while creating sustainable artificial substrates for reefs.  Currently he is working on a sculpture series to be placed in the National Marine Park of Cancun, Isla Mujeres and Nisuc. Over […]