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    Super Reef Octopus (SRO) XP 1000S HOB Cone Skimmer

    Another Conical HOB skimmer is making its way to production via the Super Reef Octopus XP 1000S. This skimmer is not easy on the eyes (red acrylic in the tank?!), but the design has promise. After all it is basically an external skimmer fitted on a hang on the back (HOB) stand. It also signifies […]

    Octopus XP-2000 Ext Cone Skimmer

    Octopus has continued the development of their new Super Reef Octopus XP cone skimmer line with the XP-2000 Ext Cone Skimmer. The XP-2000 cone is powered by Honya’s OEM bubble blaster pump which is capable of 85 scfh of air intake at roughly 50 watts of electric consumption. This skimmer has the potential to handle […]

    Super Reef Octopus Skimmers Get Bubble Blaster Pump

    via DesignandReef We showed you the Bubble Blaster and Water Blaster pumps made by Honya, manufacturer of the Octopus line back in March. Despite the intial hesitation regarding the pump’s price (initially thought to be near $200) the laguna-like design has been seen in parts of Asia, most recently at Aquarama in Singapore–where Marlon of […]