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    Welles’ Stunning 250g Beijing Reef Captured on Film

    Large mature corals. Elegant and natural aquascaping. Stunning colors. There’s really not much else to say about Hu Haiwei’s reef which is one of the best in the world. Hu, better known as Welles,  uses 3 x 400w XM 10K metal halides to pop reds and yellows, while also packing enough PAR and blue wavelengths […]

    Chingchai’s Latest HD DSPS 1200g Reef Video

    Here’s the latest video update of Chingchai Uekrongtham’s world class 1200g SPS reef. It has now been filled with corals and fish from his previous tank–including rare fish such as Centropyge interupta, Centropyge respendens, Zebrasoma gemmatum, and Pseudanthias ventralis. Well done Ching, you’ve raised the the bar for aquarists around the world.

    Update on Anagonbe’s Reef in HD

    Anagonbe’s coralscaped reef is one of the most unique tanks out there–love it or hate it, the mix of vibrant tabling and staghorn Acropora keep your eyes fixated on the screen. Here’s an update of his beautiful reef–notice the large shoal of small Green Chromis (Chromis viridis) that he has recently added.

    Thor’s Bonsai Inspired SPS Reef Tank Revisited

    Thor’s reef was the first top selection ever on GBD. It set the tone for the aquariums we have since featured, while highlighting the importance of aquascaping. Thor has maintained this beauty and further improved upon it by removing some fast growing tangs and improving the coral scape. We love the way the Scolymia australis […]

    Chingchai’s Huge SPS Build on Video

    Chingchai already has two of the best reef aquariums known to the world. We showed you his rarely seen soft coral reef display earlier this year, thanks to Mike Cliffords trip to Thailand–where Ching and his beautiful aquariums reside. Ching’s latest build spares no expense and is the culmination of expertise and lots of planning. […]

    Acropora Eating Snails En Masse

    Back in April we shared the tentatively identified snail Aesopus spiculus that has been plaguing Asian SPS keepers with its taste for Acropora corals. The snails, from the Columbellidae shell family, feed on Acropora corals and have an affinity for soft skinned species, or what or hobby commonly labels deepwater. Our friend Hideki Mukai encountered […]