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    Grassy LeDio 21 LED Spotlights from Japan

    Volx, a Japanese lighting manufacturer has bumped up the wattage of their Grassy LeDio spotlights with the LeDio 21– a 7 x 3w LED spotlight in a cast aluminum heatsink body, that simply screws into a household socket. The 1/3rd less powerful Grassy LeDdio 7 LED spotlight has now been available for sometime, which featured […]

    Ushio 4w MR16 LED Spotlight

    One light many people didn’t see at MACNA was Ushio’s new Synergy MR16 LED spotlight. These tiny lamps pack 3 Seoul Semi Conductor LEDs into a tiny MR16 package that consumes just 4w. The Ushio Synergy MR16 LED light is aimed at the retail and architectual lighting industries, but the lighting gurus / Ushio reps […]

    Aquarium LEDs, A Practical Reality if Used Properly

    Why LEDs are ready for practical and affordable use… That is if we¬†alter the way we think about aquarium lighting and play to their strengths. Much like the pile-o-rock wall was become a staple in the hobby, so has the idea that lighting must be even throughout an entire tank. This would be true if […]

    DM goes JDM with Japanese Spotlights

    After some inspiration from GBD and the glassbox, dmorel went JDM with 2 MT-150s and 3 Superkarus spotlights on his new 220g display tank, a 5′ round circular rimless. The MT-150 is a classy 150w DE Metal Halide fixture powered by an electronic ballast and parabolic reflector. Unlike other designs that are made up of […]

    New Photos of Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef

    We covered this stunning Japanese Acropora dominated reef tank last month, but these new photos are too good not to share. Enjoy. For more information on this truly incredible aquarium, check out our previous write up: Anagonbe’s Alluring Reef.