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    Move Over 2500, Sicce PSK 600 and PSK 1000 are the New Skimmer Pumps

    Following up from Sicce’s popular Syncra line, the Italian pump manufacturer has added onto their PSK series, officially pushing the popular Sicce PSK 2500 pump into the shadows of 2009. The new PSK-line additions include PSK 1000 (880gph) and the PSK 600 (661gph). ┬áThese pumps take some construction cues from the Syncra line, with a […]

    Sicce Voyager Pump Spied on Film, Shows Off Unique Flow Pattern

    Sicce Voyager shows off flow pattern in video. See how the 6 output quasi-stream pump pushes water and how owners can manipulate the velocity and spread.

    New ATB Space Saver Edition fits in tight quarters

    ATB has been working on this design for sometime now in response to user feedback on the overall footprint of the ATB Skimmer line. The Space Saver Edition has the same benefits and features as the standard ATB Cone Skimmer line. However, the the pump has been moved underneath the skimmer body allowing the skimmer […]

    Tunze Silence, quietest pump ever? Sicce & Oceanlife on the mark with Syncra too

    We covered this new Tunze Silence pump back from Interzoo, but now it is finally available at Tunze (Pronounced “Toon-zah”) dealers. Interestingly as Tunze was revealing this pump at the show, so was Sicce under the name Syncra Silent. They look identical and most of the parts, namely the motor are likely to be the […]