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    Move Over 2500, Sicce PSK 600 and PSK 1000 are the New Skimmer Pumps

    Following up from Sicce’s popular Syncra line, the Italian pump manufacturer has added onto their PSK series, officially pushing the popular Sicce PSK 2500 pump into the shadows of 2009. The new PSK-line additions include PSK 1000 (880gph) and the PSK 600 (661gph). ¬†These pumps take some construction cues from the Syncra line, with a […]

    ATB | New Standard Line, Sicce PSK like you’ve never seen

    Aquarium Technik Burian, otherwise known as ATB, is coming out with a new standard line of competitively priced cone skimmers, titled the ATB Econo series. ¬†What has me the most intrigued is the new Sicce based Airstar pump that Anton has churned out for this new line. The Sicce PSK 2500 is known as an […]

    ATI Bubble Master | The skimmer that changed the online hobby?

    Aquarist and blogger Keith Thornhill recently purchased an ATI Bubble Master 200 skimmer for his new rimless AGE build. (If you have not checked out his blog, I encourage you to do so.) When looking at his high resolution photos, I began thinking about the effect this skimmer has made. A little over 2 years […]