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    Different Shades of Chingchai

    Written by Mike Clifford Ching’s infamous SPS Reef Many of you are familiar with Chingchai’s spectacular SPS-dominated aquarium which was honored as Reef Central’s TOTM in May 2008, and as Siam Reef Club’s TOTM in January 2007.   However, few know that Ching also maintains a large soft coral aquarium and an LPS nano in his […]

    Thai TOTM is Drool Worthy

    Thailand’s first marine aquarium club, Siam Reef Club, has picked a stunning aquarium for their latest Tank of the Month. The Paris reef, by Mr. Chavalit Srinont, is an extremely diverse aquarium that keeps your eyes glued on every photo. He has achieved the difficult and rarely seen mix of vibrant colored SPS in the presence of […]