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    Sfiligoi Vision Plasma Light is Coming

    Sfiligoi is moving foward with their Vision Plasma aquarium light, offering it in a single 24″ as well as dual 48″ size. To offset the Plasma’s low kelvin, yellow light, the Luxim plasma emitter is flanked by 2 T5 tubes as well as LED moonlights to aid in the blue wavelengths. At this stage with […]

    Sfiligoi Gets Sirius With New LED System

    Sfiligoi has developed a new LED lighting system dubbed Sirius. The Sirius light system utilizes GU10 LED Spotlights in a pendant-track like system to allow flexible positioning of each “module”. The LED spotlights come in Warm White, Cold White, Blue, Red and Green and in different intensities (1.3W, 2.2W, 3w). The spacing is roughly 4 LED […]