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    Seahorses Are Not the Monogamous Darlings You Think They Are

    Seahorses are often portrayed¬†by the¬†mainstream media as monogamous lovers for life. That is, if you kill or collected a single specimen that has formed a ‘mated pair’, the surviving half will live in solitude and eventually die out of despair. This is thought to have originated from a 90s paper entitled Faithful pair bonds in […]

    USFWS Seizes 326 Seahorses For Improper Paperwork

    Australian news outlets are reporting that a man’s shipment of live Seahorses which originated from Australia and destined for a Florida wholesaler have been confiscated by US Fish and Wildlife Service, after an Australian customs agent failed to include the number of seahorses being shipped. In total, 326 seahorses worth an estimated $3,600 USD are […]