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    Two Inches of Orange Margined Beauty

    A handful of special fish have been collected over summer, but this tiny Orange Margined Butterflyfish (Prognathodes basabei) takes the adorable prize. Collected in the deep waters of Hawaii, this little one was destined for Japan upon entering Rufus Kimura’s net. To no surprise it is headed to Koji Wada’s Blue Harbor in Osaka. Over […]

    Tiny 2cm Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Collected!

    Over the weeked I got word rebreather pro Rufus Kimura would be making some deep dives in hope of catching a Masked Angel. I woke this morning to an e-mail from Rufus confirming the tiny catch, and a video he took of the pint sized Masked Angel. At just over 2 cm, this is believed to […]