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    RD4 DC Pump Presented on Video

    It’s taken quite sometime, but Royal Exclusiv’s new RD4 Dreamliner DC Pump is finally hitting retailers. The Dutch pond outfit Air Aqua has put together this video with the help of RE to show the new pumps abilities on Royal’s testing set up. As we’ve previously covered the RD4 is for moving lots of water. […]

    RD4 DC Pump Prototype Revealed, RD3 Coming Soon

    Since the recall of the original Red Dragon 2 ¬†(RD2) DC pump, Royal Exclusiv has been busy working on new and improved models with a different name. Two pumps are slated for released later this week at InterZoo, the RD3 and the RD4 Dreamliner. An 800w RD4 Dreamlined DC pump prototype being tested The RD3 […]

    Royal Exclusiv’s New UV Sterilizer

    Royal Exclusiv is working on a new UV Sterlizer they are calling the UV-C Power Cleaner Disinfection unit, shown next to a Red Dragon pump above. The yet to be priced, but surely not cheap, sterilizer uses Osram’s well known Puritec line of of germicidal UV lamps. These lamps have life spans of over 2,500 […]

    Red Dragon II DC Pumps Recalled

    The Red Dragon II Controllable DC Pump Royal Exclusiv and Proline Aquatics have issued a voluntary recall on the Red Dragon II DC Pumps in 240w and 350w sizes. It is important to note that only 110v/60hz models are effected limiting it to most North American users. The 230v/50hz models have not experienced these problems. […]

    Royal Exclusiv Updates Red Dragon Pumps

    Royal Exlcusiv, makers of the famed Bubble King skimmer line, has updated their high performance Red Dragon pumps. The slight modifications will not increase raw performance, but will create a more durable product and should increase the pump’s lifespan. Most noticeable is the addition of an anti-lime calcium bypass to the Askoll OEM motor block. […]

    First Photos of the New Alpha 300 Kone Skimmer

    Here are the first photos of the new Vertex Aquaristik, Alpha 300 Cone¬†Kone Skimmer straight from Cologne, Germany where they are being made by Klaus Jensen and the Royal Exclusiv team. This model will come with two Red Dragon 1500 skimmer pumps for 3,000 to 4,600lph of air intake, depending on the intake nozzle used. […]