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    Turbinaria Heronensis Is Like Reniformis On Roids

    Turbinaria reniformis is a hardy, popular and beautiful coral species that adapts quite well to the home aquarium. Most aquarists, however, are not familiar with one of its relatives,┬áTurbinaria heronensis. Colonies of T. heronensis are like a caricature of T. reniformis, in that the coralites are much more prominent, tubular and irregular. Think of Samy […]

    Fragfarmer Crew Goes Wholesale with Route 66 Marine

    The Gardena, California based specialty shop Fragfarmer has grown a stellar reputation among the rare coral crowd for their impeccable selection and taste. However the updates on the site have lagged because over the past year Eric Caamano and the Fragfarmer crew moved their facility to a new LA warehouse for more space. In doing […]