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    Banks in, Declivis Out of The Glassbox

    Sometimes mixing fish does not work as planned, and when this happens its important to have a back up plan. As I mentioned last month, after a year of cohabitation and friendliness with one another our Chaetodon declivis and Roaops hybrid had a serious falling out. After removing the Declivis for one week it was […]

    Mike and Brandon Photograph the Glassbox

    Over the weekend two local reefers, Mike Clifford and Brandon Taylor, stopped by to check out the glassbox and take some photos. Here are a few of them. The first Roaops Hybrid photo is my own, but the rest are all from Mike and Brandon. My fish can be extremely difficult to photograph. When people […]

    Tinkeri Hybrid goes in minutes on Diver’s Den

    Tonight Kevin Kohen and the LiveAquaria crew posted a 3.5″ Roaops Hybrid Butterflyfish in the Diver’s Den section. It sold in minutes for $1,000 USD. This is the first retail sale of a Roaops hybrid in the United States in years.  The specimen is very similar to my own, with strong yellow markings on the dorsal and […]

    Randall & Pyle on Roaops (Tinkeri) Butterfly Hybrids from the Marshall Islands

    Lately there has been talk regarding the few Hybrid Roaops Butterflyfish that have been collected. I was fortunate enough to receive the little one shown below. Of the few that have been collected, this specimen shows the most yellow in the crown, hinting at flavocoronatus blood. The Roaops subgenus includes C. tinkeri, C. declivis, C. […]