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    Backer Shows Off Mr. Aqua Rimless Aquariums

    Mr. Aqua rimless aquariums made their way to the HH Backer Trade show. One aquarium on display was the MA-821 shown above–measuring in at 24.8″ x 17.7″ x 17.7″ for 34 gallons of volume. These aquariums attempt to mimic the clean lines of ADA, but at a lower price point. The price is reflective of […]

    Beautiful Glass Cube Aquarium Stand From ADA

    Again Aqua Design Amano shows off its creativity and style, this time with a new aquarium stand made from glass. The Glass cube cabinet comes in clear ¬†or mist, a sandblasted glass that gives a frosted look. It is the same glass used in the construction of ADA’s rimless garden cube aquariums, making the two […]

    Wave Station Rimless Aquariums & Stands | Simple, Clean and Rimless

    The new Wave Station rimless aquariums and stands are just touching down in the UK. The new company, Wave, looks to have created a success as this simple design is difficult to argue with; a low iron rimless tank sitting on a tasteful white, or black, gloss stand. The design blends European and Asian aquarium […]