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    New Green Leaf Rimless Aquariums

    17g rimless aquarium , 60 x 30 x 36cm ($95) Freshwater planted specialist Green Leaf Aquariums, LLC has come out with a new line of minimalist rimless aquariums. GLA’s rimless tanks look to rival those of ADA with high clarity 5mm to 10mm thick glass and extremely precise silicone fillets. Fillets are the silicone seams […]

    Thor’s Bonsai Inspired SPS Reef Tank Revisited

    Thor’s reef was the first top selection ever on GBD. It set the tone for the aquariums we have since featured, while highlighting the importance of aquascaping. Thor has maintained this beauty and further improved upon it by removing some fast growing tangs and improving the coral scape. We love the way the Scolymia australis […]