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    The Official Description of Prognathodes basabei

      This past September Richard Pyle and Randall Kosaki published the official description of the deepwater Prognathodes basabei. Best of all it’s free to read and some great pictures of this Butterfly can be seen. Sidebar: Prognathodes remain one of my favorite group of fish. I’ve been fortunate enough to own a variety of species […]

    ‘My favorite ocean animal is a little fish with orange polka-dots and a large yellow head’

    As I browsed LiveAquaria this morning I was surprised to see this rarity still available. Yes, I am talking about that $6,000 three inch fish that only the 1% of the 1%, that are actually fish nerds, could justify splurging on. But so far in Amercia it’s not happening. When I got word from Japan […]

    The Best Deepwater Collection Video You’ll Find

    Leave it to Rich Pyle and BBC to present this amazing video. Watch as Rich, Brian Greene and John Earle collect some unbelievably rare fish at 120m in the waters of Palau. It appears this footage is back from April, 2007 when Centropyge abei was collected along with Chromis abyssyus. Around that time John Earle […]

    Apolemichthys Hybrid and the Armitage Angelfish

    This past week GBD contributor Tetsuo Otake received an Apolemichthys hybrid. It is most likely Apolemichthys xanthurus x Apolemichthys trimaculatus. Similar fish were imported to Japan and sold for a hefty sum, but this particular specimen damaged its mouth–nothing some additional care cannot take care of.  For the Pomacanthidae lovers, you’d know this hyrbid is also […]

    Dive Into Interview Richard Pyle–Favorite Fish?

    Photo by Randall ’92. Creative Commons Dive Into Your Imagination recently sat down with deep water diver and famed ichthyologist Richard Pyle for a fun interview. In it he discusses closer circuit re-breathers, undescribed species, hybridization and mimicry. At the end he is asked, what is your favorite ocean animal?.Without hesitation he states the Dr. Seuss […]

    What’s it like to Scuba Dive down to 400ft?

    There are two names that every rare fish nerd should know, Jack Randall and Richard Pyle. Without the work and dedication of these two ichthyologists, many of the most coveted and beautiful species in the trade would be unknown. Here is a talk by Richard Pyle on his life’s work that was given at TED2004 […]