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    GBD Review | Calibration of Profilux Standalone Doser

    GBD’s Profilux Standalone Doser review has been underway over the past couple weeks. Currently we are using the Standalone Doser to pump 3ml of calcium and alkalinity solution 20 times a day, for a total of 60ml of each solution being added over a 24hr period. Balling Salts and Trace Elements from Fauna Marin will […]

    The Glassbox Goes Conical with new Skimmer

    There’s been a lot of hype lately on the new cone based skimmer designs, but without ever actually using one for an extended period of time it is difficult to really see what the claims and excitement are all about. Currently no skimmer on the market is “hotter” than ATB and just yesterday GBD received […]