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    Experts Warn of Coral Triangle Collapse

    via : wwf A recent study commissioned by the always biocentric and deep World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has estimated the abundant coral reefs in the Coral Triangle will disappear by the end of the century, slowly taking the lives of these beautiful animals and devastating an economy that supports roughly 100 million people.  The Coral Triangle in South […]

    Are the Summer Reef Doldrums Already Here?

    maldives : creative commons : iujaz Are the Summer reef doldrums already here? There have been bouts of warm weather as spring passes through, and already it seems the hobby is taking a cessation. Couple the weather with the economy, which admittedly is doing “better”, and the effect is heightened. Over the past few visits […]

    The Hyperbolic Crochet Reef = Mathematics + Marine Organisms

    Margaret Wertheim and her sister have had their Hyperbolic Crochet Reef show touring the nation over the past few years, it even stopped in Chicago. But it was not until finding her TED talk that I was exposed to their work. I’ll be the first to admit this is abstract and may not be the […]

    Modern German Reef Install… Reef Addict’s Dream?

    The photos below are from Claude Schuhmacher of Fauna Marin, showing a stunning home in Germany that houses numerous saltwater aquariums… that are all plumbed to the basement with typical German neatness. (This is the type of client that aquarium maintenance workers dream of!) The home is beautiful, and has given me some ideas for the […]

    Shepardi Angelfish Hits the U.S.

     Photo by Jack Randall. Creative Commons. Blue Zoo Aquatics, who has teamed up with Dave Palmer and Pacific Aqua Farms, recently got in the scarcely seen Mango Angelfish (Centropyge shepardi). This is the first specimen to pop up in the United States in many  years making C. shepardi a mysterious and often under appreciated fish by […]

    Illegal and Trendy Japanese Corals, Yay or Nay?

    The image below was provided to my by Mr. Koji Wada, showing a beautiful aquarium in Japan dominated by Rhizotruchus, Dendrophylia, and Balanophyllia corals. These corals are legal in Japan, but illegal to export. Note, that not all beautiful flabellids are from Japan–however certain species like Rhizotrochus typus are not permitted by CITES making them illegal […]