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    Amazing Reefs on Instagram: 2016 Edition

    I may not write as much these days, but I’m still involved in the hobby and generally keeping tabs on the industry. Recently Instagram has been my reef-voyeur medium of choice. Thankfully there are some incredible aquariums that get shared on the social media platform. Here are a few of my favorites, in no particular […]

    Acropora Eating Snails En Masse

    Back in April we shared the tentatively identified snail Aesopus spiculus that has been plaguing Asian SPS keepers with its taste for Acropora corals. The snails, from the Columbellidae shell family, feed on Acropora corals and have an affinity for soft skinned species, or what or hobby commonly labels deepwater. Our friend Hideki Mukai encountered […]

    New Photos of Korallen Zucht ZEOvit Show Tank

    A few months back I began working on a lengthy ULNS / bacterioplankton article covering everything from Zooxanthellae to ZEOvit to VSV. In writing this article I received a lot of help  sourcing images. Two men, Alexander Girz and Krzysztof Tryc, were extremely helpful and generous in sharing their stunning photo library. A full tank […]

    Korallenriff in Deutschland

    Check out this video of a beautiful SPS dominated reef aquarium in Germany. The tanks itself is not my preferred style, but the mature German look is always beautiful and  appreciated. Some of the Staghorns are quite large—Wie sagt man ‘bad ass’ auf Deutsch?   via obelixzz

    Philippe Grosjean’s Inspiring Drop Off Reef

    As a marine biologist, Philippe Grosjean is no stranger to the animals we love to keep. He has a tremendous aquarium himself, that goes from reef crest to reef wall. Take a look at this stunning split level 660L (175g) reef.  It reminds me of the Smithsonian’s 3,000 gallon reef / lagoon system designed by Walter Adey… […]

    DiveTube Brings Underwater Video Sharing to a New Level

    DiveTube is a relatively new website that functions much like the popular video sharing site YouTube, but only for underwater diving videos. For divers and reefers it’s a dream come true. Some content examples are embedded below. Shot at 55m in the Coral Sea, we see some beautiful Dendronephtya corals inflate and deflate with tides. […]