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    Clowns and Chevron Shown Off in HD

    Long time GBD reader Adrian Thessien has just shared a second video he’s made of his stylish 47g shallow rimless reef. This 30x30x12 rimless was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and set to beats by UK electronica whiz, Four Tet. Check it out. Do you have a reef related video worth sharing? Let […]

    Steinhart’s Anthias Dominated Deep Reef in HD

    Last week I found myself in San Francisco which allowed for a quick browsing of the Steinhart Aquarium and the rest of the California Academy of Sciences. I was fortunate enough to catch up with Steinhart Biologists and aquarium pros, Rich Ross and Matt Wandell who showed me some of the behind the scene tanks […]

    Clownfish + Anemone Love in HD

    Maroon Clownfish Resting in Anemone from Glassbox Design on Vimeo. Even old salts cannot deny the captivating scene of a clownfish in its host anemone. Whimsical yet peaceful, this large female Maroon Clownfish (Premnas biaculeatus) had no qualms about a big piece of glass watching here every move. Watch as she relaxes in her Rose […]

    Holanthias borbonius Enter from Bali, Juveniles Expected

    This past Saturday was the vernal equinox, kicking off spring for us in the Northern hemisphere. With Spring comes an influx of juvenile and often rare fish–one of which is the always in demand Holanthias borbonius. Large adult specimens have recently made their way to retailers via Bali, but expect juveniles to arrive in the next few weeks. Check out this HD video of an early juvenile Borb.

    3 New Must See Reef Tank Videos on YouTube

    Recently there have been some impressive new reef themed videos popping up on YouTube. Here are three vids we enjoyed that are sure to provide eye candy and inspiration as we head into the weekend. Check ’em out. Robertus’ Reef Ruji’s Reef Adrian Thiessen’s Reef

    Mark Poletti’s Vivid SPS Reef on Film

    Mark Poletti recently shared this video of his incredibly vivid SPS reef. The clip may be a bit shakey and the music will put you to sleep, but the corals will surely get your attention. ┬áThe tall aquascape and coralscape separate this aquarium into a category reserved for the best in the world. Keep an […]