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    Juvi Personatus Grows Up Quick in Japanese SPS Reef

    Remember that tiny juvenile Genicanthus personatus that was collected back in 2010 by Rufus Kimura? Fast forward to this video taken at the start of this month, and you can see that baby has grown into a meaty Genicanthus in a maturing SPS reef. It’s unfortunate that two of the three Bandit Angels in this […]

    Last Day of the Glassbox on Film

    The glassbox, my personal aquarium prior to tear down. Just before tearing down my 90g rimless aquarium, or what I refer to as my glassbox, I sought the help of some friends to take make a brief video. A few corals and one piece of live rock were sold before filming, but overall this is […]

    1″ Juvie Bandit Is A Great Example of A. arcuatus

    Here’s some more eye candy for the drooling angelfish fans. This 2.7cm juvenile Bandit Angel is alert, curious and a great example of the species (Apolemichthys arcuatus). At just over 1″, this fish ought to adapt very well to aquarium conditions, provided its fast metabolism is paired with a near constant source of food. We’re […]

    Georgia Aquarium Flick Gets Vimeo Staff Pick

    Everyday the staff, at the great video sharing site Vimeo, pick the films they like ‘the bestest’.  Last week, this amazing video of the Georgia Aquarium, made by Stillmotion received the honor. This video was shot entirely with a Canon 1D MKIV using primes and a monopod. The great tunes are from The Dimes. More […]

    Lynx Nudibranch Gets Vimeo HD Placement

    Coral Morphologic’s recent video capturing a Lynx Nudibranch (Phidiana lynceus) while is sucks down hydroids atop of an oyster (Spondylus americanus), just got placed on Vimeo’s HD channel. For those unfamiliar with Vimeo, their staff picks the best of the best HD videos and aggregates them here. The Morphologic crew’s stunning clip recently received this […]

    Fascinating Squat Urchin Shrimp in HD Video

    The Squat Urchin shrimp (Gnathophylloides mineri) is a fascinating invert that most aquarists would glance over or never see. This is not the case with Coral Morphologic’s latest HD video showing the ornate animal among the branches of its host urchin. At just milimeters in length Colin and Jared give a unique macro view of this […]