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    World’s Smallest Symphyllia Wilsoni?

    This tiny Symphyllia wilsoni was found on a much larger colony in one of Reef Odyssey’s grow out tanks. Given some time and that coral nub ought to be a centerpiece coral like this larger red relative. Chalice choppers… don’t get any ideas.

    Favorite Faviids at Reef Odyssey

    Ian at Reef Odyssey recently shared these photos of some spectacular Faviidae that they are growing out and propagating; beautiful enough to make the colored stick fans second guess their stocking list! Check them out at ReefOdyssey.com

    The Reef Odyssey $75 Gift Certificate Winner is…

    After a random drawing, the winner of our Reef Odyssey $75 gift certificate is…

    GBD Giveaway | Win a Reef Odyssey $75 Gift Certificate

    If you haven’t noticed the new banner on the site, you will now. Reef Odyssey is a new specialty coral e-tailer, launched by Ian Borchert out Santa Barbara, California. Many of you coral collectors likely know Ian for his impressive collection of chalices, acroporas and faviids. Over the past few years Ian has been collecting […]