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    New BioPellet Reactor by LSS & Reef Octopus

    The latest aquarium product garnering attention in Japan is this BioPellet Reactor design from LSS Laboratory and Reef Octopus. We first saw an early version of of this reactor weeks back with the initial model or prototype in a black color black and featuring a twist on and off top. The reactor has since taken a color change and […]

    Reef Octopus Skimmer Cleaner Says Me Too

    Reef Octopus (Honya) is another manufacturer that will soon be selling an automated skimmer cleaner a la the original Aqua Driver SkimClean. Besides the estimated price tag, this economy model is different in that it does not appear to have the built in spray down that the AquaDriver has. We’re also unsure how easy it […]

    Massive Reef Octopus Skimmer Pulls 10,000 lph

    What do you get when you slap 6 bubble blaster pumps onto a 100 cm (39″) diameter acrylic cylinder? Apparently Honya / Reef Octopus have figured it out on this monsterous skimmer that draws 10,000 lph. We’re told these pictures are from the Honya facility during testing, check out the men standing next to it […]