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    A Look Back: 2009’s Biggest Reef Aquaria Stories, Trends and Topics

    It’s hard to believe the roller coaster ride of 2009 is coming to an end. Sure the economy nearly melted, and at times the reefing industry screeched to a near halt, but overall it wasn’t that bad. Whether you see the glass half empty or half full, there is no question that the hobby has […]

    Blue and Yellow, The Fish Cleaning Uniform

    A Labroides cleaner wrasse helps out a willing client–Pseudanthias pleurotaenia Over the past ten years Karen Cheney has been investigating the various social structures on coral reefs revolving around fish cleaning. As hobbyists we’re lucky to enjoy this event on regular occasion should we choose–Cleaner Shrimps and Neon Gobies are both hardy and adamant cleaners […]

    Research Team Studies Atlantic’s Deep Reef, Stunning Video and New Discoveries

    Steve Ross from the Center for Marine Science at the UNC is leading a research mission that kicked off August 6th, to explore some of the deepest reefs in U.S. waters over a 12 day mission. The 23,000 square mile area stretches from North Carolina to Florida and is currently being researched to see what […]

    Reef News | Carp Dies, RK Mag, WebCam, Profilux 12v, Lionfish, Aquavitro Salinity in Boxes?

    Benson the celebrity Carp dies at 25 years old, but there’s more than meets the eye. Queue Law & Order theme music….  Investigation ensues over potential homicide. Unlike Benson, Reefkeeping Magazine is back… and on Joomla. Check out the TOTM with photos by Gary Parr. One of Asia’s top reefs gets an interactive webcam.  (admin : […]

    Research Team Breeds Oriental Sweetlips

    Taiwan will soon be adding another ornamental fish, the Oriental Sweetlips (Plectorhinchus vittatus) to their fast growing list of marine species being bred in captivity. A research team led by Leu Ming-yih and part of the National Museum of Marine Biology and Fish Reproduction and Larviculture Laboratory started the project 5 years ago with 3 wild […]

    Ft. Lauderdale Gets Electric Stimulated Reef Approved

    Acropora on Bioreef™ by Ari Spenhoff and Dr. Goreau In a terrific move for coral reef conservation, Lauderdale By The Sea (LBTS) has received initial approval to implement a unique artificial reef called Biorock™. LBTS will be working with the Global Coral Reef Alliance to create the artificial Biorock™ reef that is based on a […]