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    This Weekend: Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza

    This Saturday and Sunday, NYC’s biggest aquarium event will be taking place on west 37th at Manhattan Aquariums. Many aquarists are not aware that GBD Sponsor, Unique Corals is actually part of Manhattan Aquariums, a highly successful brick and mortar fish store right in the big apple. Manhattan Aquariums’ Holiday Extravaganza December 18-19 // 10am […]

    Reefapalooza 2009 in Photos

    This past weekend SCMAS hosted had their very own reef event–Reefapalooza, at the O.C. Fair & Event Center. If you were unable to make it, like myself, we’ve got you covered thanks to the photo work of GBD contributor Ian Borchert. After talking with many people the conclusion seems to be it was a great, […]

    Southeastern Reef Conference 2009 Pictures

    While we weren’t able to attend this years Southeastern Reef Conference (SRC) held in Orlando, plenty of our readers did make it out there. Here are some photos that were forwarded on to us from our friends at Salty Supply. This was the 3rd bi-annual SRC and the turn out was great. Brightwell Aquatics showed […]