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    Eric Yao’s HK Reef Gets TOTM Honors

    This month’s TOTM by ReefCentral has deservingly been awarded to Eric Yao’s vivid SPS reef. This Hong Kong based aquarium is the result of careful animal selection and a well balanced coralscape. Eric’s 175g reef utilizes powerful skimming via a Bubble King 250 Internal and enhanced nutrient export via ZeoVit. Specifically, Eric doses ZeoStart, ZeoBac, […]

    ‘Tigerpyge’ Up For Sale Again

    Remember that striking Lemonpeel x¬†Eibli hybrid (Centropyge flavissimus x Centropyge eibli) that landed at Old Town Aquarium? At the time it quickly sold to a young aquarist out on the East coast. It’s now being sold again. The original purchase price was a high $1,600. The current owner is asking $1,200 in a for sale […]

    Reef Central Goes iPhone Friendly with Tapatalk

    Reef Central has recently made their popular forum Tapatalk enabled. Tapatalk is an iPhone, Android, and Nokia mobile application that allows users to browse and interact on their favorite online forums. Tapatalk is available for numerous forums beside RC. In fact, the largest reefkeeping forum is joining a few others that are already Tapatalk enabled […]

    RC’s Reefkeeping Sheds Magazine Format, Gives Blogging a Try

    What was once one of the top online aquarium magazines is no more, at least in format. Yes, as we enter the maturation of web 2.0, Reef Central’s Reefkeeping.com website is shedding its online monthly publication format in favor of the more up-to-date blog. RC Admin, Jason Nugent has said they are not currently doing […]