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    RD4 DC Pump Presented on Video

    It’s taken quite sometime, but Royal Exclusiv’s new RD4 Dreamliner DC Pump is finally hitting retailers. The Dutch pond outfit Air Aqua has put together this video with the help of RE to show the new pumps abilities on Royal’s testing set up. As we’ve previously covered the RD4 is for moving lots of water. […]

    RD4 DC Pump Prototype Revealed, RD3 Coming Soon

    Since the recall of the original Red Dragon 2  (RD2) DC pump, Royal Exclusiv has been busy working on new and improved models with a different name. Two pumps are slated for released later this week at InterZoo, the RD3 and the RD4 Dreamliner. An 800w RD4 Dreamlined DC pump prototype being tested The RD3 […]