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    SplashSea Films the Rare Centropyge resplendens

    Japanese marine specialty store SplashSea, has recently uploaded this brief clip showing off the incredibly rare Resplendent Angelfish (Centropyge resplendens). Centropyge resplendens is so rarely seen due to its limited range. Endemic to Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic, the collection of this species is a logistical and legal nightmare. Every so often […]

    RCT is Back, Angelfish Broodstock in House

    Copps publicly broke the news yesterday on RC, and yes it’s true. Frank Baensch is gearing up to produce more captive bred exotic marine fishes from his RCT outfit–formally known as Reef Culture Technologies. Some angelfish are on the short list, but as we previously reported, RCT angels will not be available in 2010. That […]

    Baensch Paper Published on Hawaiian Resplendent

    Years back Frank Baensch of RCT was the first to successfully breed Centropyge resplendens (2004) and Centropyge fisheri (2001), and then subsequently hybridize the two in 2006. In nature the two fish would never cross paths, but with a little help from Mr. Baensch the Hawaiian Resplendent Angelfish was born. Today RCT is no longer […]

    RCT Ramping Up in 2010: No Angels, but New Species

    Frank Baensch has updated the RCT website to clear the air on what to expect from RCT in the future. The bad news–no angelfish. The good news is new species will be attempted and with some luck… available to aquarists in the near future: Reef Culture Technologies will not be selling marine angelfish in 2010. […]

    Just Published : Baensch Paper on Breeding the Rare Centropyge debelius

    This month’s, the Journal of the World Aquaculture Society, features a terrific must-read article by Frank Baensch and Clyde Tamaru, entitled Spawning and Development of Larvae and Juveniles of the Rare Blue Mauritius Angelfish, Centropyge debelius (1988), in the Hatchery.  A teaser shot of the Centropyge debelius lifecycle, from larvae to adult. Baensch 2009. Frank […]

    Captive Bred Hawaiian-Resplendent Angelfish meet ‘Wild’ Resplendent

    A few years back Frank Baensch of RCT fame, was the first to pair and successfully breed Centropyge resplendens x Centropyge fisheri creating unique hybrids that would never occur naturally. That is because C. resplendens is endemic to the Ascension Island in the middle of the South Atlantic while C. fisheri is a Pacific native […]