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    Tony Wu Shoots the Izu Islands

    The seasonal changes at the Izu Islands has brought in a wide range of unique animals. Who better to capture the influx of deepwater species and juvenile fish than pro photograpgher Tony Wu. In our correspondence with Tony he said it was like being a new diver again. The waters were full of new life […]

    Genicanthus personatus hits Japan at Sangodo

    We heard from a few divers that some masked angel hunting was likely to occur and now Sangodo, a local fish store in Japan, just this past Friday posted a female Genicanthus personatus for sale. (Update: some are saying this fish was bycatch. It was not collected by the usual group of deepwater HI divers.) This […]

    Fragfarmer Crew Goes Wholesale with Route 66 Marine

    The Gardena, California based specialty shop Fragfarmer has grown a stellar reputation among the rare coral crowd for their impeccable selection and taste. However the updates on the site have lagged because over the past year Eric Caamano and the Fragfarmer crew moved their facility to a new LA warehouse for more space. In doing […]

    What’s it like to Scuba Dive down to 400ft?

    There are two names that every rare fish nerd should know, Jack Randall and Richard Pyle. Without the work and dedication of these two ichthyologists, many of the most coveted and beautiful species in the trade would be unknown. Here is a talk by Richard Pyle on his life’s work that was given at TED2004 […]

    Gifts from Blue Harbor Aquarium Factory in Japan – 2009 Calendar

    Angelfish afficionado John Coppolino recently made his way back home from his trip to Japan, but before leaving Koji Wada, owner of Blue Harbor Aquarium, passed along a little gift for myself–Blue Harbor’s 2009 Calendar and a copy of the Winter 2008 Issue of Marine Aquarist magazine. In Japan, Blue Harbor’s calendar is popular for the […]

    Rare Octopus & Sharks Cause Excitement in Asian Rare Fish Market

    Flickr : Solana Just this past week some very unique animals made their way to Japan and Hong Kong. The first animal that caught my attention is the wondrous Mimic Octopus (Thaumoctopus mimicus). A handful of these intelligent species were collected and sold for a good sum of money. Based on the video documentaries that I have […]