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    The Hybrid Angel Is Still Thriving in Japan

    Here’s a photo update on the stunning Paracentropyge venusta x P. multifasciata hybrid, believed to be the only one of its kind in captivity. We first wrote about this particular fish back in 2008, shortly after Koji Wada of Blue Harbor received it. This is just the second time this Paracentropyge hybrid has entered the trade. The […]

    Juvenile Genicanthus Personatus Captured On Film

    This Genicanthus personatus is one of the smallest ever collected and will go down as one the most impressive Angelfish for many years to come. As we reported earlier, this fish was collected by Rufus Kimura at extreme depths in the waters of Hawaii. It was offered for sale in the United States, but as […]

    Rare Fish Round Up : Serranus chionaraia

    The Caribbean Snow Bass (Serranus chionaraia) was out of the picture for the industry, and, the mind’s of most aquarists. That is until Forrest Young’s Dynasty Marine crew recently collected them. S. chionaraia will not appeal to the masses, but if you have a thing for Basslets the availability of this species is an exciting […]

    “Rarity” and Price May Just Trick Your Tastes, And Your Fish Picks

    The Peppermint Angelfish – As beautiful as its rare reputation? How Pleasure Works is a new book I picked up by Yale Psychologist Paul Bloom. While it doesn’t relate directly to aquariums, the concepts and insights are interesting and applicable to an extent, to our small hobby.  Bloom brings up the idea of essentialism, which […]

    The Incredibly Odd Brachiosaurus Blenny (Omobranchus anolius)

    The Brachiosaurus Blenny (Omobranchus anolius) is a small and peculiar fish very rarely seen in the trade. As its name implies, its looks a bit like a dinosaur–specifically a Brachiosaurus. The similarity here comes from the large fleshy crest on the head of male O. anolius. Brachiosaurus skull : wikimedia commons The sexually dimorphic Omobranchus […]

    Photos from the New Blue Harbor: Spotlight Galore, Shark Tank and Rare Fish

    This weekend our friend Koji Wada reopened his freshly renovated Blue Harbor fish store to the public. The Osaka, Japan based store is known throughout the world for its rare fishes, and this reopening did not disappoint. As much as we would have loved to traverse that 9,000 mile gap, I had to leave it […]